Be the light …through this darkness

Where do I begin?

I am certain that all the thoughts going through my mind, have all circulated through your minds as well.  Do we keep the kids in when everyone else seems to allow them to play outside?  How much food should we buy?  Should we pull out of the stock market?  Is this going to turn out okay in the end? Do I know anyone who has been infected? Is my job stable enough to make it through this?  How do we protect ourselves and our family?  When you decide NOT to panic and find yourself down to the last three rolls of toilet paper … what do you do?  I mean, technically we are not out yet, so maybe when we are down to our last roll, the stores will be in stock again….and maybe they won’t, and that is OKAY!

In a situation like this where we are all scared and all learning new statistics every day of a virus new to mankind, I find myself saddened by the overwhelming selfish behavior of people.  I would love to say that this virus has brought us closer together, but in all reality, it has made us worse!  It has given everyone the chance to reflect their souls to the world and it hasn’t been pretty.

Together we should be uniting, trying to understand something that we do not understand.  We should not be stocking up on toilet paper and water but stocking up on compassion and love for our fellow man.

Jesus commands us to love our neighbors and that alone should teach us to work toward being Love.  We need to love each other in a way that Jesus did when he lived on earth.  We need to be the light through this dark time in our lives.  We need to lean on each other for insight and help through these moments of fear.

I can only imagine what Jesus would say to us if he were here on Earth, “oh ye of little faith” …maybe?

We all push each other through the stores, and we take care of ourselves first when that is the furthest thing that Jesus commanded us to do.  Why do we do this?  Why is it so easy to be selfish and go against Gods directions?  Why must we think we know better?  God tells us in the Bible that he will provide and that we are to have faith in him doing so.

As we embrace this difficult time, my prayer for you is that you will release the tight grip that you have in trying to control this situation and give God back control.

I pray that during this time you extend love to everyone around you.

Do not allow yourself to fall victim to the crazy desire to consume beyond your needs.   We are all in this together, let us learn to grow through the fear instead of creating walls of bitterness and hatred.  Let us stay strong as we work toward finding a cure for a virus that weakens our community and killing people daily.  Let us overcome the fear and replace it with a love so strong that no one can stop us.  We may not have all the answers we desire but we have each other to conquer through this!

We are better together…God tells us in the Bible, where two are gathered, I am there!  Let us stay united and love like we have never loved before.

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