Let’s Get Candid – Mom Talks – Capturing Moments & Creating Bonds

Diving a little deeper into the minds of my clients is always a fun place for me to explore.

This time, I reached out to a mother of two young ADORABLE children to get her opinion on what tips she can give to you guys on preparing for your session, why she wanted to take family photos in the first place and what things her family does to bring them closer together.

I absolutely loved her responses!!

Were there any specific moments or activities during your session that stood out to you as a mother?

My son playing with sticks and me thinking oh great these sticks will be in our family photos, but Terial captured these memories we won’t forget. He was so happy with the sticks during the shoot. 

What advice would you give to other families planning a photo session?

Plan outfits early! Sometimes the colors or the fit isn’t what you expected. 

In what ways has having professional family photos impacted family or home? (If any) 

We have new family photos to look forward to every year. We use the photos for our yearly holiday cards. Our families look forward to seeing the kids grow up. 

Can you share a favorite photo or a moment from your session and explain why it’s meaningful to you?

Terial captured a photo of our kids and our dog together. A couple of months before our photoshoot our dog had surgery and wasn’t sure if we’d get a photo of all of them together this year.

How do you display or preserve your family photos after you take them? Do your children like to see the photos, too? 

I print some photos out and hang them up in our home. Our kids still point out their photos from their newborn sessions and ask about them. 

What are some family traditions that you believe strengthen your family’s bond? 

We take family vacations every year to unwind and enjoy each other’s company. We get to plan activities to do together and just catch up. 

Are there specific activities, hobbies, or interests that you and your family enjoy doing together? 

We enjoy going to Disneyland and attending Chargers football games.  

What’s your family’s favorite movie night snack, and do you have a go-to movie that you all enjoy watching together?

Our favorite movie night snack is popcorn. We enjoy watching any of the Disney movies. 

Are there any quirky or funny family traditions that always bring a smile to everyone’s face?

Every year we choose our family costume and get to pick out what character everyone will be. 

Does your family have a favorite game? If so, which game is your family’s ultimate favorite?

We enjoy building legos together. 

What’s the silliest or most unexpected tradition your family has that you wouldn’t trade for anything?

We take our dog to Lazy Dog restaurant every year to celebrate his birthday. It has become one of our family traditions. 

Why is it important for you to have family photos year after year?

We get to see how our family changes every year. We see how our kids are growing up. 

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