Preparing for your Couples Photoshoot

Now that you have booked your professional couple photoshoot, it’s time to prepare. This way, you ensure you’re making the most of your session. These tips will come in handy.

  • What is the concept of your shoot? What kind of couple are you? Do you love dining out? Do you and your partner love to hike? Answering this question will help you develop the concept for your shoot. For example, if you love the outdoors, you might prefer a naturesque scenery. If you love the City, maybe you prefer a downtown session.
  • Brainstorm outfits. Next, you need to decide what you want to wear. Know that your outfits don’t need to match – this is an outdated concept. Coordinating your outfits is a better alternative if you do want to match in some ways. Make sure that your outfits fit in with the concept of your shoot and aim to wear something you feel comfortable and confident in. The day of your shoot is not the time to wear an outfit for the first time. Depending on the length of your shoot, you can also have an outfit change, so select more than one during the planning process. Often your photographer can help you with all your outfit planning.  Don’t hesitate to ask them if they can offer any assistance in this area.  For my clients, I work with them through the preparations to ensure they are confident with their color palettes and outfit choices.  
  • Don’t worry too much about posing. There is no reason for you to practice poses prior to your shoot. It’s fine to have a few ideas that you can share with your photographer, but you don’t need to control the poses on the day of your shoot. Your photographer will guide you to ensure you get posed shots as well as a few candid shots.
  • Plan it together. Unless you are planning to propose, a couple photoshoot should be a joint discussion. To make the most of your shoot and ensure you both have fun on the day, plan your shoot together. From the location to your outfits, everything should be a mutual decision.

As you plan your shoot, remember that this is meant to be a positive and memorable experience, so don’t forget to relax and enjoy this time together.  

  1. Trish says:

    Great tips, will definitely keep this in mind for future pics!

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