Break your “PLAY” button

I do not recall the moment that I decided that I wanted to write books. I do remember writing when I was young and allowing my imagination to soar.


When I was in middle school, one of my teachers entered an essay of mine into the district’s writing contest and I won it! Winning that contest made me feel that my writing was worthy of more than just words on a piece of paper.

Making an Impact –

I’ve always enjoyed how writing stories made me feel emotions that I didn’t feel on a regular basis. When I started writing I knew that I wanted to create stories that went beyond what the average life allowed. A story that made one’s heart beat stronger …and caused the butterflies in their stomach to flutter faster. A story that made you close the book with a smile. Although my stories might not have that effect on people, it does not stop me from wanting to write them. I write stories with a deep intention to make an impact – hopefully a positive one.

With so many things in this world that impact people negatively, we could all use more positive influences in our lives. Not just any positive influence, an influence that makes a person decide to strive for more and strive to be more.

Dream LOUDer

We all just have one life to live and if our mind is in control, then we should let it go WILD! Set your mind free to jump over all of the hurdles that stop you from doing what you want! Don’t just dream – dream LOUD! Dream out of this world LOUD! Dream in color, dream in surround sound, let your imagination scream beyond what you ever thought was humanly possible to achieve. You are the creator of your story, dont sit back and watch it play – choose to lead the way! Lead with intention and determination.

This may sound a little cheesy – I know. We have all made the assumptions that this type of dreaming is unrealistic and people don’t live this way. I am a person who does not believe that – I believe in more! I believe our life can be whatever we decide.

Your turn…

“The euphoria of success will fuel your desire to continue” – you just have to decide to stop living the play button and break the machine.

Where are YOUR dreams going to lead you?

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