Sunset Underway…

After the long decline of what felt like 50 million stairs, I saw Melissa and her sister Jessica on the sand.  I was still a little out of breath at that point, so I could imagine Melissa and her pregnant sister feeling the same way.  Walking up, I introduced myself to Melissa’s sister Jessica and we began our little venture toward the desired area to take our photos. 

Along the way, we spoke about our new lives being at home during the COVID -19 pandemic and how it has affected us.  Ultimately we are all tire of being home but doing what we need to do to stay safe.

The beach seemed pretty full for a Sunday but the spot we were headed to looked less crowded, so I was optimistic. 

In the back of my mind I started to worry a little bit about Jessica treading up those “50 million stairs”.  I felt horrible for suggesting this beach after seeing first hand how tired she was after walking down the stairs.  If it had not been for COVID, the cable car would have been up and running and saved us, unfortunately that was not the case.  

As we got closer to the spot, Jessica took little breaks and I took advantage of the downtime and took her photos as she rested.  I remember taking a few photos of her while she looked over my shoulder and made a weird face.  I glanced over to see what she was looking at and I noticed an older gentleman with shorter shorts and no shirt doing some exercises with some rocks from the beach.  I thought to myself, good for him, smiled at him and started taking photos again.  

We finished up some of the photos with her sitting down and then pressed on toward our final destination.  Luckily for us, there were only a few people there.  As I started shooting,  we laughed as Melissa gave her sister funny prompts in the background.  I was so thankful that her sister was part of the session, I could see how she really helped ease Jessica’s mind.   

The daylight started to escape as the tide started rising up … so we began shooting a little quicker.  Everything about the session was beautiful, from the gorgeous location to the stunning sisters.   The water was incredibly warm and the breeze was ever so soft.  As we wrapped up, my shoes were stolen by the ocean.  Melissa and Jessica watched and laughed on the sidelines as I chased them down. 

After the session was over and the sun had disappeared, I went up and got the car. I wanted to eliminate any additional walking for Jessica beyond the climb back up the stairs.  To my surprise, Jessica did great!  She was such a champ, I told her over and over again.  

Beautiful moments that I got to be a part of – I cannot wait to meet baby Atticus in a few more weeks. Congratulations Jessica!   

Some quick tips for the session that helped us …

– the mother brought her maternity band and wore it anytime we were not shooting to help with the strain.  I would highly recommend this. 

– bring plenty of water — this is a MUST – we all needed it, before, during and after the session. 

-wear sunscreen – protect yourself for all of the exposure 

-bring a hat for early on in the session where the sunlight is a little harsher – it will protect you and it makes for some cute photos too

-bring wipes – it’s nice to be able to clean your hands and wipe down a little after your session.

– get there early enough to enjoy the beach walk

-bring comfortable shoes to walk in

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