Spring has Sprung!

Ah… those first days of spring, when the chill is FINALLY gone and the sun has never seemed brighter. This is a great time to get out and enjoy the outdoors, snap a few pictures, and make some new memories!

Take A Trip to Nowhere: Everyone has unexplored territory only miles from his or her home. Go north, or west, or in any direction you don’t usually explore. The weather is beautiful, so drive around the back roads and country lanes and see what you can find. With a little effort, you will discover many great places to photograph, and have a fun time doing it!

Plan a day outdoors: Go to the zoo, the botanical gardens, or just enjoy those tall swings at a local park! This time of year, there’s an abundance of local outdoor activities and art shows, so take the time to enjoy them. Don’t forget to bring your camera and shoot whatever looks lovely to you!

Stop at local farms, nurseries, or outdoor markets: This time of year, flowers and fresh produce are plentiful! Pick up lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as flowers for the yard, but don’t forget to take some photos while you’re there! The local farmers market will undoubtedly have many interesting spring displays, all sure to be ripe and brilliant with color! Capture them now, and the colors of spring flowers can brighten your home long after the flowers have disappeared!

Take a Puddle Walk: Don’t let a rainy day get you down… embrace it! Once the hard rains have subsided (and there is NO threat of lightening) let your kids break the rules a little and get soaked in Mother Nature’s water park! Strap on some boots and hit every puddle you can find until everyone is soaking wet and all giggled out! If you’re feeling brave, you can even let the kids take a dive in a mud puddle… just be prepared for the laundry!

Most importantly, it’s Spring! Get out and ENJOY it.


Family Craft: Eggshell Photo Frame

Your children worked so hard and carefully dying those beautiful Easter eggs, have you ever wanted to preserve them? Now you can! Here’s a great idea for turning those Easter Egg shells into a beautiful picture frame, and best of all, the kids can help!

Spread Tacky Glue over a precut photo mat or heavy white cardboard. Press egg shell pieces over frame. It’s easier to use larger pieces and press them flat than to handle a lot of little pieces. Gently shake off extras, and fill in any blank spots. For an extra touch, seal with Modge Podge decoupage paste (available at craft stores). When dry, glue on an easel or pretty ribbon to hang on the wall. Add your spring photos and enjoy!

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