Vulnerably Speaking …

I have learned that in order to fully dive into my dream of pursuing Photography that I needed to not only put on my big girl pants but I also needed to learn to embrace it!

Embrace what …you may ask?

Embrace the challenges that come with Photography….

Embrace the Harsh sunlight in mid day that is very unflattering to your clients, embrace the Golden hour daylight slipping away before you have captured the photos you so desperately wanted, embrace the husbands who were bribed to come to the session, embrace the difficult children who wont look at your camera and won’t smile under any circumstances, embrace the friends and family members who always want you to work for free 🙂 … embrace the rejection & criticism that you will receive on your photos despite the time you spent taking them and many hours editing them, embrace the lack of acknowledgement and word of mouth on social media, avoid the comparison trap and embrace your journey, embrace the relationships you will build with your new clients, embrace the smiles that you will create when they see their images, and ultimately in the end Embrace the unknown…because this Journey is yours and how you embrace it – will become YOU!

  1. Sidney says:

    You definitely have the heart! And with that, especially in an artistic field, is all you need! ❤️

  2. Shan says:

    So much truth in this! I have to tell myself, daily…keep pushing!

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